coming-homeWhat is Enlightenment, the ultimate goal of all sacred traditions? How does it affect the lives of those who experience it? Is there a common ground to how various traditions approach it? What does it mean for us today?

“Coming Home is an unusually clear and readable exploration of these questions. Its experimental bent and spirit of universality have brought it wide recognition as a classic. Lex Hixon warmly guides the reader through an intriguing array of traditional teachings to the essential truth of all the world’s great religions, which is simply to come home. Invoking the essence and texture of different sacred paths, he presents Enlightenment as the full flowering of human nature, accessible to everyone.”

“Outstanding as an introduction to the world’s great mystical traditions, I have used Coming Home in my philosophy of religion course for over fifteen years. The book’s purpose is to point to similar patterns of thought and experience across those traditions, but it never does so my abstracting them out. In stead it thoroughly embeds them in the lives and voices of individual mystics. It is this that makes it accessible as well as personally and intellectually inspiring to students.”
~ Nancy Baker, Professor of Philosophy, Sarah Lawrence College

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